Swiss  Promotion of Breastfeeding

The Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Breastfeeding promotes breastfeeding in Switzerland with the aim of affording all children in Switzerland a healthy start in life.
The foundation promotes breastfeeding through the following activities.

Information material

The Swiss  Promotion of Breastfeeding provides parents (to be) with various breastfeeding-related information material in different languages.

World Breastfeeding Week

Together with different professional associations, the Swiss  Promotion of Breastfeeding is involved in the organization and promotion of the International World Breastfeeding Week in Switzerland.

Codex Panel

The Swiss Promotion of Breastfeeding is part of the Codex Panel. The Codex Panel is a joint assembly of representatives from manufacturers of infant formula and the Swiss  Promotion of Breastfeeding. This panel is responsible for monitoring manufacturers’ compliance with the Swiss codex regarding the marketing of infant formula.
Codex-panel Portrait


Continue to breastfeed when resuming work? The following checklists supply you and your employer with information:

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