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Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland

Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland is an independent, national centre of competence for all groups of professionals and organisations who work in the area of pregnancy, child birth and with small children, and also an information platform for parents.
It was established in 2000 as a non-profit organisation. The goal is to coordinate and improve the availability of independent information related to the benefits of breastfeeding to the public. Support comes from public health organisations and institutions.

Information material

Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland provides parents (to be) with various breastfeeding-related information material in different languages.

The booklet "Breastfeeding - a healthy start to life" answers the most important questions about breastfeeding.
• breastfeeding preparation in pregnancy
• breastfeeding in the first hours and days after birth
• recommendations for breastfeeding frequency and duration of breastfeeding
• breastfeeding positions
• breastfeeding and back to work
• difficulties
• contact addresses for expert advice

Available in the following languages:      

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Double brochure for fathers and mothers

The double brochure targets the group of young adults, both in terms of content as well as in form and design. It does not only appeal to the mother, but also directly to her partner.

Available in English, German, French and Italien.


"Breast is best"

An award winning training film on breastfeeding, breast milk, and the first contact with the newborn. (duration 45 min.)

Correct latching-on, breastfeeding positions, skin-to-skin contact after birth, breastfeeding after cesarean, health benefits for mother and child, sore nipples, jammed milk ducts, mastitis, sleepy babies, increasing milk production, breastfeeding at night, breastfeeding of preterm infants, pumping and expressing by hand, breastfeeding twins and infants and the function and role of specialists are some of the many topics of the film.

Breast is best was written and directed by Dr. med. Gro Nylander, gynecologist and obstetrician and national coordinator of the BFHI initiative in Norway.

The DVD is dubbed in Englisch, German, French and Italien.

The short version of the film "Breast is best"
Key sequences from the award-winning instructional film on breastfeeding "Breast is best" were selected by the scientific advisory council of Breast Feeding Promotion Switzerland.
Content: Information on benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child, bonding, correct positioning, breastfeeding positions and duration of breastfeeding.

The short version of the film "Breast is best" is accessible for free in the following languages:

Breastfeeding the premature infant – film for informing the parents

A baby born premature is always a special situation. Breast milk and a lot of skin-to-skin-contact with the parents are very important in the beginning. With the right support to the mother, a premature baby can learn to breastfeed. It pays to keep trying. Breast milk is tailored to the needs of the baby. It is the best-tolerated food and supplies abundant immune substances.

The film is accessible for free:

The film can also be ordered on DVD with the languages Englisch, German, French and Italien.

Back to work

Continue to breastfeed when resuming work? The following checklists supply you and your employer with information:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on legal issues can be found in German, French and Italien.

FAQs on Breastfeeding

can be found in German, French and Italien.

Breastfeeding on the go


Finding breastfeeding friendly public places is very easy with the app

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World Breastfeeding Week

Together with different professional associations, the Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland is involved in the organization and promotion of the International World Breastfeeding Week in Switzerland. For more information click for information in German, French, Italien.


Codex Panel

Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland is part of the Codex Panel. The Codex Panel is a joint assembly of representatives from manufacturers of infant formula and Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland. This panel is responsible for monitoring manufacturers’ compliance with the Swiss codex regarding the marketing of infant formula.

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